Our vision is to craft wines that are bright in aromatics, minimal in oak flavor and refreshingly true to their varietal character. With our Sonoma County Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, we wanted to express the inherent beauty of Sonoma's cool climate vineyards. To do so, we harvest our vineyards by hand and by plot, assuring the ideal level of ripeness for the final blend. We ferment slow and cool with minimal extraction and oak flavor. 2014 was our first vintage, and we are pleased with the results: two wines that are equal parts inspiration, elegance and nuance.



Fresh and balanced, Smoke Tree Chardonnay offers aromas of Asian pear, Meyer lemon and white nectarine. The palate is vibrant with flavors of Golden Delicious apple and apricot, and light floral notes.

The finish is crisp and long. Smoke Tree Chardonnay is delicious on its own. For creative culinary opportunities, pair Smoke Tree with lightly spiced cuisine, fresh seafood or roasted poultry.


Smoke Tree Pinot Noir has tones of black cherry, plum and cola with hints of allspice and rusticity. The palate is silky and well-framed with a clean finish. It is true to the varietal, savory and refined.

Smoke Tree Pinot Noir is delicious whenever wine comes to mind. For a more creative pairing, consider richly spiced barbecue or a charcuterie and cheese plate. For a vegetarian option, our winemaker recommends falafel -- a personal favorite!


Fresh, finessed and elegant, Smoke Tree Rosé offers aromas of white cherry, white peach and yellow nectarine. The palate is vibrant with flavors of crabapple, quince and crisp nectarine. The finish is dry and refreshing.

Smoke Tree Rosé celebrates summer all year long. Enjoy Smoke Tree Rosé poolside or rooftop, with friends or relaxing at home. If pairing with food, sushi, summer salads or even fried chicken are fair game.




“Balanced vineyards, non-interventionist winemaking techniques, and gentle handling are imperative in crafting elegant and complex Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.”

As the winemaker for Smoke Tree Wines, Joel Burt crafts elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from grapes harvested across Sonoma County. Since 2009 Joel has been responsible for crafting a collection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines for Domaine Chandon in Napa Valley.

Joel was born and raised in California's Central Valley in a family of organic farmers. During college, he worked as a line cook and chef. Through this restaurant experience, Joel became so interested in the process of winemaking that he quit his job and took a seasonal harvest role at a local winery in Lodi. When harvest finished, he became the wine buyer at Whole Foods Market during the week and continued working in the winery on the weekends.

Fully committed to the agrarian life of wine, Joel enrolled in California State University of Fresno's Enology program. After earning his degree, he ventured to Napa Valley, working several vintages at a few wineries before finding his home at Domaine Chandon. Joel has also obtained his Permaculture Designers Certificate.


The beautiful, rare, small trees known as smoke trees served as our inspiration. In spring, the trees, with their puff-ball-like bursts of crimson flowers, are strikingly beautiful. In autumn, the leaves of the tree can look like grape clusters. Because of their beauty and rarity, smoke trees symbolize our winemaking and viticultural approach. We believe that, grown in top, cool vineyards, chardonnay and pinot noir have inherent, natural beauty. We want to “realize” that natural beauty—not cover it up with a blanket of sugar, additives and oak. It's a rare approach today. But we think it's the right one.


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